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The Perfect Duo

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Mac & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, chicken & waffles, coffee & donuts. The culinary word is rich with delicious duos, making it hard for us to select our favorite couple. Each one has its specific character and taste. But when it comes to Arab cuisine, the choices become much harder. The food pairing combinations are unlimited and vary from country to country and from region to region. But here is a list of our personal favorite duos. Try them out!

Duo #1 Eggs & Potatoes (Bayd W Batata):

Eggs & Potatoes Bayd w batata

Also known as mfarakeh, bayd w batata is a Lebanese dish that’s easy to prepare. Most households eat it at least once a week, especially when hit by a lack of cooking options or when one is feeling too lazy to cook. The dish can be prepared in many different ways. We will go for the easiest one! Simply boil the eggs and potatoes together for 10 to 15 minutes. Peel them and mince them together. Garnish with salt and black pepper; you can also add some sumac and olive oil. Enjoy with pita bread and olives.

Duo #2 Falafel & Fava Beans (Foul W Ta3meya): 

Photo by Ed Yourdon

Fava beans and falafel is a celebrated duo in Egypt, and falafel in particular is an all-time favorite street food not only in the Middle East but globally. This duo is very popular among Egyptians, who eat it on a regular basis and even cook large volumes during religious holidays. We will not tell you how to prepare this meal because it’s much easier to get it ready made! And as Passainte Assem writes in her article “18 ways to experience Egypt like a local”: “You can have a stomachache afterwards, but it’s ok, it only means that you need to eat more of these and you’ll be perfectly good.” Photo by Ed Yourdon

Duo #3 Watermelon & Cheese (Bateekh W Jebneh):

Bateekh & Jebneh
This dish reminds me of my childhood. Growing up in Jeddah, every now and then my father would return home from work carrying a watermelon. My mother would slice it up and serve it with halloumi cheese for dinner. When I moved to America and introduced this dish to my husband, I was surprised that he hadn’t tried it before; now it’s become one of our favorite dinner options. This dish is super easy to prepare; you only have to cut the watermelon and pair it with halloumi , feta, or Nabulsi cheese.

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